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Reprogramming Your Inner Software, Details

How do you actually get started with the reprogramming process?
There are a simple series of 10 questions you ask yourself each day. The first three questions are to guide you in finding out what your deepest priorities, your deepest desires or wishes in life are. The next 7 have to do with rating your 7 levels. Once you get used to this, you can usually do it in 5 minutes or less per day.
Remember that this is a process through which you tell yourself about yourself, from your own evaluation. There are no right or wrong answers to any of this, and every person will have different answers and experiences. Also remember that all your answers will change, if not daily, then certainly from time to time. This shows you your gradual growth toward deeper fulfillment; or if a downward spiral is apparent, points out which things may need to be changed. As you continue to put these inputs into your unconscious mind on a daily basis, you will begin to have new impulses about what to do and how to make changes in your life.

The rest of this page will walk you through the whole reprogramming process.  Click here to jump to the first question.

NOTE:  Please do not be discouraged if at any point you feel a bit daunted by so many new concepts; many people have difficulty getting through the beginnings of this process, and keeping it going. It seems that defining your "10's" in each level can be a major hurdle for some people. Another problem is establishing a routine that keeps you doing the process every day for enough time until it becomes almost automatic.
     Using the "Daily Reprogramming Form," at least for the first several months, is a very big aid to most people. The first step is to begin right away with filling in your three deepest desires, and keep doing this every day. Then go to the Step by Step page, which will introduce the levels one by one, and  help you locate your "10's." If you can only find your "10" for one level a day, that will still have you rating all your levels by the end of a week. As soon as you describe a "10" in any level, you then start doing a daily rating for that level on your daily form. By the end of about a week, you should be able to fill in the whole form.

Some Frequently Asked Questions


1. If you could only do one more thing before you die, what would it be? In order to answer this, you must set aside all considerations of whether you think you CAN do it or not, how much time it would take, what kind of efforts or money would be needed, etc., and especially what anyone else would think. Simply assume for the purpose of this MENTAL exercise, that you WILL be able to do whatever it is you name, but that as soon as you've completed it, your life is over. It's the ONLY thing you're going to do. Write your answer down, with the date.

2. Now, by special grace, and because you are moving toward the one thing you want most, you are going to get to do a second thing, in addition. What would it be? Write that down, as number 2.

3. And, finally, you are given an opportunity for a third and last thing, in addition to your first and second choices. Write it down as well.

OK, now you've found your top three desires in life, at least for now. Don't worry if the answers are different tomorrow, the important thing right now is just to ask and answer from as deep a place as possible.

Next, you are going to rate your seven levels. You might want to print out the Seven Levels description for easy reference.


This process is going to give your unconscious mind information about your own personal evaluation of how your life is going for you on each of your seven levels. You are going to rate each level as it is now, today, based on a scale of 1-10. The 10 is your own personal best that you have ever experienced in each level, whether it was a single peak experience or a particularly good and satisfying time period, whether it is now or at some time in the past. If this is the first time you
have done this rating, you will need to think a little and name to yourself when that 10 was, picture it as fully as you can, so you know clearly what your 10 is in each level. Then compare this to where you feel you are now in each level, and give your present status a number. Do not use any ideal or theoretical experiences as your 10, nothing you've read about or hoped for, only what you personally have actually experienced. From time to time you will have experiences that go beyond your present 10, creating a new benchmark for comparison.

If you need more help in finding your 10's, go to the Step by Step pages.

Write down your present rating numbers for each level.
1. Instinctive -
2. Sexual -
3. Imitative -
4. Emotional -
5. Intellectual -
6. Higher Emotional -
7. Higher Intellectual -

OK, now you've answered all 10 questions that are the basis of this reprogramming process. The first few times that you go through this question and answer process, it may take a little extra time and effort, but once you have done it 3 or 4 days in a row, it will become quite simple. It can usually be done in 5 minutes or less, and each time you do it, you are putting those new inputs into your own computer. If you do this on a daily basis, over a period of time, usually 30 to 90 days, you will begin to see subtle but real changes in your feelings and approaches to life.

For more information, or to ask specific questions,  send an e-mail to: [email protected]

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