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Neutrino Ideas

Though the Floating Neutrinos are most famous for high profile adventures such as the Atlantic Crossing by Scrap Raft, behind all these outward efforts was something much deeper. On one level, we were creating and demonstrating viable alternatives to  modern tendencies toward imitation, factory made consumerism, and loss of individual creativity. At the same time, our outer projects were merely foils for our inner work:  an ongoing experiment in human psychology, searching for answers to what makes us function and malfunction, and how to increase our own and others' abilities to create meaningful and fulfilling lives.  Through intense, though informal, group psychological work with people from all walks of life, from millionaires to homeless alcoholics,  we  have created and developed a "toolbox" of highly effective techniques for psychological healing and empowerment. What is presented here are some of the results of nearly 30 years of psychological study, self-observation, and group interaction. 

Your three deepest desires
Reprogramming your inner software
Triadic Thinking
          The Four Jailers
Poppa Neutrino Speaks
          Three Types of Timing
   How are you making a positive change in the world?
   Personal Statements About the Neutrinos Ideas   
   Creating right livelihood and the importance of being authentic and original 
   Toward a New Paradigm  
Other Helpful Tools
    Concrete-Abstract & Random-Sequential

5 Minutes A Day to Reprogram Your Inner Software

The basic premise of this plan is that from the time you are born, you are being constantly programmed by outside forces - your parents, teachers, friends and relatives, and the society and culture you live in, through the media and the demands of school, work and laws. Most of these outside forces are acting on you in a mechanical way, giving pretty much the same programming to everybody. The programs of society, for example, are designed for the preservation of the society itself, not for individual self-fulfillment.

Parents' programs are largely either a repeat of how their own parents programmed them, or the exact opposite of those programs. The programming you take in from your peer groups is mainly derived from the latest media fads, which are determined by anonymous commercial forces. All these programs form the basis of your inner software, that unconscious part of yourself from which most of your driving forces come. The difficulty of making a conscious decision to do something different or individual and then to carrying it out in day to day life is apparent to anyone who has ever tried to break a habit or start a new pattern of behavior. The part that makes the decision has little access to the part that has to carry it out, because your  day to day behaviors are generally under the control of your inner automatic program and not your conscious decision making mind.

We have devised a simple system through which you feed new information into your inner program level, automatically erasing and overriding the old programs over time. It is very much like replacing an obsolete piece of software inside your computer with a new and updated program. You do this by using a specific question and answer process through which you give yourself information about your own deepest desires, your top priorities in life and your own evaluation of how various aspects of your life are going for you now, compared to your own personally chosen "best ever."

This process of feeding into your "computer" inputs about your own desires and your own evaluations replaces and eventually overrides the program put in by outside forces based on others' desires and evaluations.

How do I get started?

The three types of timing are LINEAR, which is time determined by appointments and schedules, followed in a straight line; EXISTENTIAL, which is living moment to moment, in the present only, without commitments, past or future; and CIRCULAR, which is living in your own personal sense of time based on your circulation by choice through your own seven levels, from which it is possible to connect with an existential experience, but also possible to maintain linear contacts and make intersections with them, then step back into your own circulation.

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