This is a system of personality typing which we have found useful over the years in identifying our challenge areas (negative poles) and learning to use our strengths (positive poles). The diagrams presented here were transcribed from sessions at a group called the Fellowship of Souls, which met in Oakland, CA, in the early to mid-1970's. Much of this information has since been published and is being widely spread under the name of the "Michael teachings." These diagrams are, as near as possible, as they were originally transcribed at those first sessions. Please read the explanatory note below before going to the individual pages.

Chief Features

A note about movement across the axis:

     There is movement back and forth across the axis in all the overleaves except the Roles. There is NO movement across the axis in the Roles. Probably the greatest amount of movement takes place in the Modes. Movement happens as shown in the following diagram:

 movement diagram.gif (3296 bytes)

The important thing to note here is that when you are moving up, meaning from more negative inner states to more positive ones, you move from the positive pole of the ordinal side to the negative pole of the exalted side, before you can move to the positive pole of the exalted side. So, in the Modes, for example, on the Caution-Power axis, you would move from Phobia to Deliberation and from there to Oppression and then to Authority. What's difficult about this is that although to the person in the Caution-Power mode, it feels better to be in Oppression than in Deliberation, to other people in the environment, it feels better for this person to be in Deliberation. So the tendency is to try to stomp them out of Oppression back down into Deliberation. Once you become aware of this pattern, however, it becomes easier to see ways of assisting the person to move on into Authority, rather than back down into Deliberation. (This same pattern applies to the other Modes as well.) In addition, a person in the Observation Mode has the capacity to "borrow" any of the other Modes when moving from being neutral into being active. Quite often there will be a preference for one mode over the others in this process, frequently the mode of one of their parents. There is less movement across the axis in the Goals, Attitudes, and Chief Features. With Goals especially, cross-axis movement seems to take place only under extreme circumstances.

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