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Neutrino Sutra

People said it couldn't be done — but they did it!
A vessel that looks like "a floating junkyard" made it safely across the North Atlantic!
National Geographic TV called it "Fantastic Voyage."
The New York Daily News called it the "Sail of the Century by Raft"!

This 52 minute video, produced and directed by Poppa Neutrino, shows a more intimate and detailed version from what was shown on National Geographic TV. See for yourself the storms, icebergs, mental and emotional challenges, and the triumphs of the four Floating Neutrinos and their three dogs during their 100 days at sea!

Featuring music from The Flying Neutrinos CD
"I'd Rather Be in New Orleans."
Added bonus: early footage of the Flying Neutrinos Family Band in Mexico, Russia and other parts of the world! Note: Part 2 of Neutrino Sutra was never completed. Also, the ordering address and phone number listed at the end of the video are no longer current.

To order a DVD copy of this video, please email [cyberneutrino at]. Thank you.




Random Lunacy

This film was produced and edited by Home Team Productions, using Poppa Neutrino's video footage. "RANDOM LUNACY casts a searching gaze on what it means to be marginalized, while at the same time examining what our choices have to do with our ultimate freedom." - Quoted from the film's producers, Vic Zimet and Stephanie Silber.

Watch it here

Order Random Lunacy in DVD here

"A must-see film distinguished by its lessons
about how to enjoy what is possible
and survive what is probable in this wonderful life."
Jeffrey M. Freedman - Writer, Co-Producer "Vivaldi" (2008)



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