Reprogramming, Step by Step

On the first day, you will need to use two forms –

  1. The Daily Form. You may want to print this and make some copies, as you will be using a new copy each day; or just copy the format into a notebook.. The Daily Form starts off by asking you to name your top three desires in life, using a wording designed to help you make as deep a statement as possible. Then, on the second half of the form, there is space to rate each of your seven levels. Before going on to this part, you must designate for yourself your benchmark "10" experiences in each level, which is what you will be doing with the forms in #2.
  2. The first level's form for "Finding Your 10's." There are seven of these forms, designed to walk you through the process of getting to know what each of the seven levels are, then naming for yourself the time, whether an individual event, or a time period, which has been your best to date experience in each of these levels. This best-ever experience is then your benchmark "10," which you will use to make a comparison to how you feel today in each level, thus coming up with your rating for that level each day. Of course from time to time you have new "peak experiences" in various levels; these then become your new "10's" for comparison.

If you do one of the levels forms each day,  finding your "10" for that level, by the end of a week you will be rating all your levels. As soon as you describe a "10" in any level, you then start doing a daily rating for that level on your daily form. By the end of about a week, you should be able to fill in the whole form.

You may also find it useful to print out the Seven Levels descriptions for easy reference.

If at any point in the process you need clarification or more information, please write to us:  [email protected]


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