Frequently Asked Questions about the Reprogramming Process

I don't know what my three deepest desires are. I have no idea what I want to do.

Don't worry about it. Don't spend a lot of time agonizing over it. Just try to imagine a scenario in which you have 3 wishes, and name what they are. As you continue to ask and answer these questions every day, you will get in touch with your inner desires, more and more deeply. Here's a quote from a middle-aged woman who began to ask herself her three deepest desires, and although at first she had no answers, she kept asking herself, and things started to open up inside her.

"When I first began to ask myself what I would do if I could do only one thing, I found that I hadn't a clue. It was quite striking to me to realize that not only was I unable to change my life, I didn't even know what I would change. For a while I would come up with murky answers, some of which were trying to please others and some of which were only hints or flashes of the deeper truths I came to as I continued to ask myself these questions. I even became angry when others would ask me, as I just didn't know, and I didn't know how to come to the answers. I didn't really work hard to get to my truth. I would just write what I would do, to the best of my ability in that particular moment. Then, the next day, I would write my desires all over again. Through time and without great effort I began to get closer and closer to my deeper truths. Today, when I wrote down my desires, I knew that I was so very close to re-discovering mySelf. I feel so blessed now to know what I would do if I could only do one thing. It has given me a glimpse of what freedom must feel like. The awareness of having the power, the ability and even the RIGHT to determine what I want to do, what I WANT, not what I think I SHOULD do, has changed my life."

We have found her experience fairly typical of what happens to people who start to use these questions in their daily lives, no matter what age they are when they start.

What happens when I rate my levels at low numbers compared to my "10's"? Am I supposed to do something about it?

The purpose of this process is to access the unconscious part of the mind with new information about how our life is going for us. Whatever we tell ourselves from the conscious part, we will automatically resist actually carrying out. So it is important to reflect on what the causes could be for a lower rating, but it is equally important, especially at first, not to make resolutions or plans of how to "fix" it. Let your unconscious mind absorb this information, and after a period of time, you will begin to get new impulses from your unconscious about what to do. For example, suppose you have gained weight and gotten out of shape. You can make resolves about changing your patterns of behavior, but chances are you will have trouble consistently carrying them out. But by doing this reprogramming process, your unconscious mind itself will begin to give you new impulses, healthier ones. You will actually want to do the healthier things, rather than resolving and fighting with yourself.

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