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Poppa Neutrino

(aka David Pearlman)

"I came, I saw, I rejected."
  • Born 1933
  • American
  • Designer of the first nine Neutrino rafts

He and Aurelia raised 5 children on Neutrino rafts and started the Flying Neutrinos family band, which is now run by eldest daughter Ingrid; plays guitar and keyboard and sings.   

Click here to see Poppa's latest raft project

Order Poppa Neutrino's own video about the North Atlantic crossing by the scrap raft Son of Town Hall


betsy.jpg (34177 bytes)

Aurelia Neutrino

(aka Capt. Betsy)

"Proactive/Reactive/Nonactive: Pick one."

  • Born 1952
  • American
  • Holds Master's license for Auxiliary Sail
  • Degree in education from Goddard College

Home educated the 5 Neutrino children while living and travelling on rafts.

Navigator for the crossing. 

ed.jpg (39664 bytes)

Ed Garry

"We have broken the scrap barrier."

  • Born 1961
  • Canadian

Previous to the crossing had spent 5 years travelling by bicycle throughout the western part of North America, and wrote a book about these travels, Greener Fields.


rodger.jpg (20432 bytes)

Rodger Doncaster

(aka Simon Day)

"I went on this trip to face my fears and now there is nothing in the world I'm afraid of."

  • Born 1953
  • Canadian
  • Did majority of construction on Son of Town Hall
  • Built Child of Amazon raft in New York City

Crewed on Town Hall between Provincetown, MA and New York City. The Atlantic crossing with Son of Town Hall was his first sailing experience.

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2dogs.jpg (73479 bytes)

Thor (on left)

Sigfried (on right)

Thor and Sigfried made the Atlantic crossing on the Son of Town Hall. They are great sailors, having lived aboard since they were small puppies. When Poppa and Aurelia returned to the U.S. in Sept. of 1999, they stayed behind in France with friends. However, as of May, 2000, they have arrived in the U.S. and are participating in the Vilma B and Dows, Iowa, projects. click to see another photo of Sigfried;
and another photo of Thor    
Sigfried: in memoriam

willie.jpg (63560 bytes)


Willie made the Atlantic crossing and the trip through France, having joined Poppa and Aurelia in Texas during the winter before the raft left Newfoundland. At Frioul, an island in the Mediterranean off the coast of France,Willie homed in on an old junk collector, and it was love at first sight, on both sides. Willie stayed in Frioul when the raft left.


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