Island Rooster


Poppa Neutrino's Baja California adventure

Note: This is the raft described in Alec Wilkinson's book, The Happiest Man in the World, published by Random House in the spring of 2007. Poppa has since moved on to other adventures.

With a pull from a local tractor operator,
Poppa Neutrino launched his current raft, the Island Rooster,
on March 21st, 2005, in San Felipe, Baja California,
amidst a large crowd and with lots of excitement.
The next day he did a trial run into fifteen mile an hour winds and choppy seas.
The raft easily did four and a half knots at only half throtle on its outboard motor.
A top sailor came along in a zodiac and gave him the thumbs up, concurring that the raft was crashing over the waves at better then four knots. Two days later Poppa set out south
in the Sea of Cortez, with a number of people alongside in a ponga,
a Mexican fishing skiff, to see him off.

He is presently anchored at Rancho Percebu,
a small bay about 25 miles south,
where he will add more foam to the stern
and prepare further for the next stage of the journey.
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