The Daily Reprogramming Form                                         Date_____________________

Remember, do not be concerned if you do not get the same answers every time you ask yourself these questions - the value comes in asking and answering from the deepest place you can access right then.


1. If you could only do one more thing before you die, what would it be? Write your answer down, with the date.



2. Now, by special grace, and because you are moving toward the one thing you want most, you are going to get to do a second thing, in addition. What would it be? Write that down.



3. And, finally, you are given an opportunity for a third and last thing, in addition to your first and second choices. Write it down as well. 




Write down your present rating numbers for each level. Remember, you are rating today's level compared to your own personal best that you have ever experienced in each level. From time to time you will have experiences that go beyond your present 10, creating a new benchmark for comparison.

1. Instinctive -

2. Sexual -

3. Imitative -

4. Emotional -

5. Intellectual -

6. Higher Emotional (Spiritual) -

7. Higher Intellectual (Cosmic Consciousness) -

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