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Background and History of Absolute Absolution Project


In August of 1999, Ed Garry, who crewed on the Atlantic crossing of the Son of Town Hall,  headed for the Pacific Northwest of North America to build a log raft, to be called Absolute Absolution, from logs off the beaches and other salvaged scrap. June Donaldson, who had joined the crew of Son of Town Hall in the Mediterranean, accompanied him to assist in the project. Having spent months searching for giant logs without success, they headed south into the desert for better weather and space to re-evaluate. Ed then decided to change the venue: he and June joined Poppa Neutrino and Capt. Betsy in heading for the top of the Mississippi River, where they began work on the Vilma B. As this raft travelled the  river to New Orleans, they gained valuable experience in raft building and leadership. The first hull of the Absolute Absolution catamaran was built in Corpus Christi, Texas, and launched in June of 2001. The project then moved to Port Isabel, where the second hull was built, and launched in October 2001. This is a Fourth Way Project, and therefore will change its direction and details many times along the way.

The Absolute Absolution is a 53 ' catamaran with a semi-traditional sailing hull, built using Floating Neutrinos raft techniques of positive buoyancy and creative recycling of salvaged materials.
The purpose of this world-sailing raft is three-fold:

  1. To TRAIN individuals from all walks of life to sail, involving problem solving, team work and practical skills.
  2. To EMPOWER our crew to achieve their goals through the use of psychological tools and effective interaction
  3. To GENERATE assistance in communities we visit according to their needs, the skills of others in the community and our crew.

The construction project itself has already served as a raft building school, with volunteers learning to create their own rafts as well as helping to build the Absolute Absolution.

Photo Gallery Listing 

  1. Early days of the Buoyant Neutrinos
  2. Construction of the first hull of the Absolute Absolution
  3. Construction of the second hull of the Absolute Absolution
  4. Launching the hulls
  5. Beginnings of the Bridge Deck
  6. Continuing construction of the Bridge Deck
  7. Forward cabins, closing in the bow and the bottom of the bridge deck
  8. Closing in the front of the bridge deck
  9. Leaving Port Isabel and stepping the mast in Mesquital, Mexico 
  10. Absolute Absolution under sail for the first time
  11. Last days in Port Isabel
  12. Sailing from Galveston
  13. In Isla Mujeres
  14. Trip to Cuba
  15. More Photos from Cuban Trip
  16. Upgrading the vessel in Key West
  17. Key West to Mexico
  18. Mexico to Guatamala
  19. Jungle Medic
  20. Repairs and Boat Building School
  21. Lago Izabal to Honduras
  22. Honduras to Panama

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