Absolute Absolution Boat Building School

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Sea worms have eaten away the plywood skin of the hull, exposing the flotation to damage, and slowing
the raft's speed
through the water.

Wood for re-skinning the hulls has to be carried across the river that separates our location from the road.

Louis, Ed and Louis's son, Alex, roll the heavy barrel of fibreglass resin out of the river to the raft.

Ed and Louis build a shelter to protect the repair work
from the rain.

Arnaldo, another of Louis's sons, steadies the long ladder.

Hervick prepares a hull to receive its plywood skin replacement.

Elmer Jr. eases the new wood into the old.

One side of the first hull showing the fibreglassed wood.

Ed trains Elmer on fibreglassing the bow point.

Louis, in full protective gear, sands the fibreglass matt around the portholes.

Ed shows Elmer and David how to ease the fibreglass matting into awkward corners.

Time to re-step
the mast.

The full team of the boat building school sign their names on the hull - from left to right, Ed, Louis, David, Hervick and Elmer Jr.

The Absolute Absolution restored to her former glory,
and more!

Three of Louis's boys prepare for
a fishing trip.

View of Lago Izabal from the raft.
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