Poppa's Latest Raft Project

February 2011: Jazz Funeral and Viking Funeral for Poppa Neutrino, New Orleans

Oct. 28, 2010: Poppa has been in Burlington, VT, all summer and is now launching a new raft. See the latest on WCAX TV, VT!

Fall 2009: Poppa returned safely to the U.S. and spent the summer in Burlington, VT. He is now in New Orleans, LA, where he plans to record a CD of songs written by his daughter, Ingrid Lucia, and contemplate his next raft voyage.

March 12, 2009
For many reasons, too many to enumerate here, the trip through the canal has been cancelled. Poppa will now leave Panama the first week of April, headed north for the states. Planning to stop first in Florida, then continue on down the east coast. He still needs financial support to go these miles, so please CHIP IN! And many many thanks to all who have already.

March 6, 2009
Poppa now has a full crew onboard the Absolute Absolution and will be ready to leave for the canal in about 10 days.
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His multi-national crew includes 3 from Great Britain, 2 from Sweden, 1 from Poland, and 1 from New Orleans

February 2009
Poppa is in Puerto Lindo, Panama, on the Absolute Absolution.

He is starting a floating Zen Buddhist Ashram.
He is also looking for crew to sail from Panama to the South Pacific and beyond in the coming months.

This invitation is for those serious about not only the phyisical voyage in life but also the spiritual one. There will be one or two months of work preparing the vessel, which has not sailed for some time now. How long this phase takes will depend on the efforts of the crew, possibly determining an earlier sailing date. We recommend you explore our site and read about our history and philosophy before applying. You will be required to share food expenses and pay the cost of your own visas for all countries we visit.
Anyone interested in being part of such a venture, please contact Poppa via email.    



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