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Sigfried Neutrino, aka Siggy
Sept. 20, 1995 – April 3, 2002

Beloved shipmate and friend, we will miss you dearly. Sigfried was a member of the historic journey of the crossing of the Atlantic by scrap raft on the Son of Town Hall. His job was to protect the crew from pirates and rats. Since we never met any pirates and have no rats, we commend him. He was struck down in the prime of life by a giant rattlesnake in Port Isabel, Texas.

For those who wish to remember Sigfried Neutrino, take special care to show an animal that you are their friend and not someone who would eat them.

Sailor Neutrino was buried on the beach overlooking the waters of Port Isabel. We, his crew members, were with him at the end, and we experienced his soul leaving his body. It is hard enough to lose an animal, but to lose a shipmate of such longstanding is very difficult. We ask everyone to pray for the animals of this earth.

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