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Buoyant Neutrino's Log, 1999 and 2000

The entries on this  page are in reverse chronological ortder; to start from the beginning,  back in France, in August of 1999, click here

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Sept 5, 2000, Hickman, KY
It's hard to believe it's been over two months since my last log entry. I can assure you I keep a more current ship's log on the Vilma B. Speaking of which, our vessel has passed into the lower Mississippi river system. All 27 of the locks are behind us now, with only wide open, unlocked river for the rest of our journey to New Orleans (approx 800 miles south). We have come over half the distance of our journey down the river and have learned a great deal about ourselves and about the direction of the projects, Vilma B and the Absolute Absolution.
Our raft has been expanded in many ways: two more floats have been added, each thirteen feet long by 12 feet wide, totalling 26 feet in length. These will be the building platform for the Absolute Absolution. I am determined not to build the Absolute Absolution by myself (Alone). It is a struggle and test of my patience to wait for the help needed to assist me in the building of the trimaran. This is a new way for me, as I have in the past been a person very much into doing things all by myself.
Alone is not my way now. One of my three deepest desires before I die is to create an adventure with a group of people. I have built one frame of the Absolute Absolution, the pattern for the next 33 to be built.
The six of us on board the raft (myself, June, Poppa Neutrino, Betsy and Shawn) are doing great, and we are all pleased with our progress to date and the response to our project all along the river.

Take care, Ed

My body is not a lasting thing, but the intellect, the emotions, and
spiritual life are; therefore I will develop these, and use the body as a tool to
carry out the tasks of that which will endure.

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August 11, 2000, Mississippi River below Hannibal, Missouri

Hi, this isn't Ed, it's Capt. Betsy, but I feel compelled to put an entry in here on account of the fact that Ed has been so busy with all he's been working on that he has not had time to write anything for quite a while. Also, some of his fans and followers may not actually understand what is going on with his project. What has happened to the Absolute Absolution?

The long and the short of it is, Ed is in training. As he said in a previous entry, he realized that he had set out with great enthusiasm and quite a bit of naivete to lead a very very big project - build a raft from what he could salvage, gather and command a crew, and sail the high seas. In fact, he was not quite prepared to take on all of this without a little more experience. Here on the Mississippi, as "acting captain" of the Vilma B, he is gaining the experience he needs at moving a large raft, interacting with the public, the officials, and crew members who come and go, training them into efficient sailors, and working with their psychologies and his own. It is a very big process, and he is making great progress.

Meanwhile, a special space on the deck of the Vilma B has been set aside for the construction of the Absolute Absolution, and all further construction on expansion of the Vilma B has been put on hold until the Absolute Absolution is in the water. We are actively recruiting builders for this purpose, even as we move south toward the warm weather which will assure our being able to continue throughout the winter.

So, even though not much can be seen of the Absolute Absolution on the physical level, much progress toward its success is being made every day.

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Ed's log, June 20, 2000, Praire du Chien, WI

We traveled 70 miles south to the town of Praire du Chien. Along the way we built the two floats for the next twenty feet. Jim and Bobby, from Winona, helped David and me in the construction of the floats. They were attached to the side of the vessel and towed down to Praire du Chien. David and I have since put on the spreaders between the two floats and have attached the whole 20 foot section onto the front of the raft. The vessel that I now command is 78 feet long.

We got another 6 hp motor here in town to assist the other 6 hp motor which gave us a little trouble coming down from Winona. We have since learned that it is not fixable. The current length of 78 feet long by 15 feet wide has been one of our targets for this platform. Next we are going to extend the raft 11 feet wider. On this extension we will build the Absolute Absolution, the ocean going 80 foot trimaran.

Shawn Kelley has joined up with us after having spent several months on a solo trip down in the deserts of the southern U.S., and June is off visiting with her sister. The reception has been great towards our adventure and materials are flowing in. With 78 feet, we now have a lot of space for storage. We now need a few more people in order to expand.

Take Care, ED

Living is an extreme thing that can be tamed, that can be extingushed.

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Ed's Log, June 08, 2000, Winona, Minnesota.

We finished construction of the next twenty feet yesterday and took her out for a test run. The 58 foot raft handled great - slow going up against the current but plenty of speed and steerage downstream. June has returned after leaving to visit her family in England for a week. She brought her son Adam along, who is enjoying the rafting life-style. Ryan is away for a week visiting friends and family, hoping to catch up with us further down the Mississippi. The latest extension will be our entertainment space, as we have more and more people visiting our craft. It will be a dance hall, theatre, coffee house, meeting room - a little more comfort for ourselves and those who visit. Tomorrow night we will be putting on a show (what we've done and where we're going) at the ArtsCenter here in Winona. The following morning we'll be pushing off to the south. We have put out an invitation for others to float along with us on their own craft, and one vessel will be leaving with us in two days. They plan a journey of a week or two.

Take Care,  Ed

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Ed's log May 26 2000 Winona, Minnesota (the Mississippi River)
While building the working platform at Anoka Park on the Mississippi River, more local press came down to cover the event as it unfolded. National Geographic sent out one of their videographers for three days. During our two and a half week stay at Anoka Pard donations of building materials flowed in. In the past month the platform has been extended to 38 feet. Six cabins have been built, two new crew members have joined the project at Island station MN (Leah Johnston and RyanKrieg), and we have traveled 180 miles downstream towards New Orleans.  The new crew are learning the ropes and loving their new adventure.
What's up next? We have choosen a three point attack plan with which to progress on our project - comfort, movement and expansion. We know what the big picture looks like: an ocean going trimaran/ training ship for the Buoyant Neutrinos and an ocean going orphanage raft for the street orphans of the world. As long as one of the above three points doesn't violate the others, we will proceed.
The next point of expansion is to extend the raft 20 more feet,  making it 58 feet long.  Ryan had to put up with sleeping in a tent for two days until we finished building his space, and since then, he has made himself very comfortable. Leah moved into an existing cabin and is now feeling that river freedom!
The river has a current of three to four knots where we are now and the little 6 HP ouboard steers the raft down-river at a steady 4 to 5 knots. Barge traffic has increased, with tugs pushing upwards of twenty barges. Barges are one of the three killers for our raf, the other two being falling overboard and fire.
The project is right on schedule and running more smoothly than expected. The key has been to take our time and not put effort into tasks that will not lead us to the next point.
Take care
P.S. Today I am a 10!

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Ed’s log April 17 2000 Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We have begun the building of the raft just north of the city of Minneapolis. The project began on the on the 12th and our first goal was to construct a 18 foot by 15 foot raft platform. We completed the platform on the 14th and took her out for a test run on the Mississippi river. The little six horse power motor that Poppa Neutrino gave to our project moved the small raft on the river with no problem. Today June and I constructed the first cabin and I hope to move on board tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will also begin to extend this platform another 20 feet making it 38 feet overall. On this platform we’ll be building six cabins, like the one I’ll be moving into, to house some of the builders and crew of the project.

We had NBC television down here the day we began construction and they announced that we would be building a raft that will go around the world. Response has been great with many people offering wood and some delivering it right to the site on the Mississippi river. NBC will continue to follow the story until we leave the area.

Greeley, Colorado didn’t work out. The South Platt river and the Platt river were simply too shallow, narrow and dammed for river navigation. It was a little disheartening but not to difficult to pick another spot for building - the Mississippi river. So with Poppa, Aurelia and June I turned right out of Colorado and left in Iowa.

The adventure has finally begun. Something is being built and that little chain-saw from Vancouver Island is tearing into two by and plywood. It won’t be long now before we start down-river. We will build as we go along.

The world awaits - and you can be a part of it, too!

Take care


I will stop working after 40 minutes and sit down, do nothing related to my work for 20 minutes. I can do anything else in this time. Eat, Read, Meditate, Tell jokes, Look at the stars, Think of my problems. Then I can go back to work for another 40 minutes. I feel fresh, it’s a new beginning.

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Ed’s log March, 10, 2000 Tucson, Arizona

I’ve spent the last six weeks going over the effort June and I put in last year in the north-west. I can see that we learned a lot about the north-west, from Oregon to Vancouver Island, but the reality is that I have nothing to show for our effort. I do not feel that if I go back to the north-west this year I will have any more success then last year.
Yes, we met some great and enthusiastic people who gave to the project. Some who were willing to help build the raft and a few who wanted to sail her. I thank God that there is such spirit in this world, that a man can go out there and speak of his plan and there are those that are willing to believe and encourage.
But what about the dream? The adventure? The creation of a project to go around the would? What about Absolute Absolution?
The dream is alive and kicking harder than ever. The venue has changed and so have the materials to be used. Last year I went for the hard- to- find giant logs; this year I’m going for the easier to find recycled materials. Last year I dared to think that I could build on the edge of the ocean and take a green crew out onto the ocean. This year I’m starting on the South Plattee River in Colorado and will have a seasoned crew when we arrive in New Orleans.
In the first week of April, I will arrive in the Greeley, Colorado, area to commence construction of an 80 foot by 28 foot ocean going Trimaran. By the middle of June either all or a large portion of the raft will be ready to start its journey down the South Platte to the Platte River, which flows into the Missouri River and then into the Mississippi, which empties into the Gulf of Mexico. What is not completed in Colorado will be built under way.
June is as anxious as ever to get the project going and looks forward to the adventure. Poppa Neutrino, the designer of the Son of Town Hall and Aurelia, the navigator, have said that they would like to give me a hand before they go off to their projects.
I am inviting you or your friends to come on down, or over or up, to Colorado, and help in the building of the ocean going trimaran raft Absolute Absolution.
Take care
Dreams are alive when they are in motion. Closer to your Goal, Further from your Goal, or Remaining the Same, is a measurement of that motion.

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Ed's log Jan 15, 2000 Lake Isabella, California
June wanted to go to Mexico but realised that she could get what she wanted to get in Mexico anywhere. We have spent the last week camped out in the Keyesville recreation area nearby to Lake Isobella. june would like to feel Euphoria through singing and dancing, meditating and going on long walks and feeling the warm sun on her face. So that is what she is doing, feeling great about her decision not to waste her last days in America before she leaves for five weeks. She's on her way home to england and will be back in March and we'll meet up again when I head back to Oregon, Washington and Vancouver Canada.
As for me I'm going to meet up with my ship mates from the Son of Town Hall, David and Betsy who are travelling with some friends in Texas. We will Be looking at the different projects each of us has going and how to better attack them while we eat, drink and sing together.
Even here far away from the mighty rivers and the Pacific ocean, the space that I have begun to nurture is beginning to bare fruit. A forestry employee walked up to me in Lodi, Ca, having read the back of our truck (which lets people know about our project) and told me where I would be able to get Redwood trees that are no good for manufactured products. 'They're big' he said 'and they're already hollow.' I'm planning to look into this. The new century will yield some logs, I feel.
Take care and my best to all in this new year.
May today be filled with the fruit of your dreams.
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Nov 19, 1999, Port Hardy, Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada.
I found a log this last week and met an Indian chief (Albert West). The log
was sitting on a beach about a mile from the town of Port McNeil on Vancouver
Island. It was a spruce tree that had been blown down onto the beach. It was
five feet in diameter and well over 90 feet in length.
The same evening I met a local canoe carver who was also the chief for a
local tribe over in Alert bay. We talked a long while about what i was doing and
he told me how he built his canoes from the giant cedar in the area. In the end
Albert did not say i should or should not use the spruce tree that i found but
said instead to build a model from the same tree you're going to build your
The next morning i went back, chain saw in hand and cut two thick branches
off the tree, one about 6 inches in diameter by five feet the other 4 inches in
diameter. They were heavy and remembering what Albert had said to me and
recalling the talks i'd had with David about determining the floatation of the
wood, I threw one of the pieces into the ocean. "It sank like a rock!"
I looked over at June and asked her to turn on the camera and i threw the
second piece in, hoping for a different result. This piece initially sunk and
then the tip of one end bobbed on the surface. I looked at the massive tree to
my right and wondered how this tree so high and dry could be so heavy. I then
found a 6 inch chunk of cedar on the beach and threw it in, just to make sure
that other woods did float 'just had to check'. This piece of wood floated 3/4
out of the water.
I will not be using this particular tree. The search continues.
June and I have come to the end of Vancouver Island. From here we are
heading to the south. We will be doing a show in Port Aberni before we leave the
island and look forward to doing more shows in the near future.
Albert West did say to me as I left his house that 'if you could sail this
thing (son of town hall) across the Atlantic you can do it in anything.'
Take Care
The things that I put into my body are the things that I become.

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Ed's log Nov 8/99 Port Aberni, Vancouver Island, Canada

I've been hiking the shores of the Island and discovering that there
is a lot of shore line. For the most part the coast is inaccessible by
land. There are some roads but they quickly turn into rough logging roads.
We are driving as far as we can before getting out and hiking. While we
look for the logs needed for the project i am also keeping my eye out for
a small boat so that we can search the coast lines more thoroughly.
I found one log that was the right size for one of the trimaran's
outriggers. The problem was that it's in a lake and the river that
connects the lake to the ocean is only passable during spring floods and
the rapids very dangerous to life and logs. No worries though - i've been
pointed towards where i might find what i seek. It is an area only
accessible by water.
Meanwhile our little hikes have yielded some rewards. I have seen
groves of mammoth old growth trees, so i know they exist in this part of
the world. We have found lots of edible mushrooms on our outings and have
been taken aback by the beauty of this region.

We have met several people in Tofino B.C. who are excited about our project
and want to help out in the building of the raft including one young man who
thought we were 'not for real'. I assured him that this was real and that I had
every intention of building a raft and he was welcome to help. He weighed the
information and then offered his services to help and a log he had. The spirit
of adventure is alive in Canada.
Take Care
It is up to yourself to maintain the spark, the vision, the drive forward.

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October 27, 1999, Port Alberni, (Vancouver Island)
British Columbia, Canada.
One week ago I met a women who was absolutely thrilled to hear about the
adventure I'm working on. She's a white-water rafter from way back she told me
and it really excited her to hear of such exploits. With deep sincerity betty
requested a berth on the voyage. I told her that we still have to build it but
that didn't daunt her. I guess by the age of 81 you've learned a thing or to
about patients.
I had a strong feeling about going to Canada to find the logs. I entered this
country three days ago and within two hours met Don and his Son Noah, in a local
park. Don read the signs and immediately offered me an old chainsaw he had. Just
great. Then i found out a little later, when he invited me back to lunch, that
he had build a raft on lake Okanogan with his wife a few years back. I good
I picked up June from the airport two days ago and we are now searching
Vancouver Island and talking to beach combers about the grand logs for the
project. I know there here. This morning I stopped in a grove of gaint cedar's
and Douglas fir. Some up to ten feet in diameter and hundreds of feet tall. I'm
not planning to cut anything down. The beaches i've seen so far look very
promising more on this later.
June had a very good visit with her children and is rareing to go. They love
what Mom is doing and are now encouraging her to go after her goals. It is great
to have June on board again.
Until next time
Take Care
The road least walked is often the toughest, the road least walked is
often harder to find.

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Ed's log October 13, 99 Lincoln, Oregon

I have not found the logs for the project in Oregon and southern Washington
so I am heading north to Canada. The word is out along the Oregon coast and the
newspapers have printed their stories about our project. There is a phone number
for people to contact me. It's time to start looking in a new location.
I have a good feeling about my home country, (Canada). I figure you'll find
big logs in a big country. The weather will not be the thing to stop this
Until next week.
Take care, ED............on the road.
A proactive life will yield the greatest reward. Keep the vision that is yours.

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Ed's log October 7, 99 Waldport, Oregon

The logs that I am looking for remain elusive. I am not disheartened by this.
I knew that in taking on this project there would be some mountains to climb.
Well the first one is a biggie.
Before June left for England we particapated in the great Oregon beach
cleanup and found some of the polyeurathane foam that will be used to stuff into
the logs when they are hollowed out.
Continued to talk with people about the project and whether they knew the
location of big driftwood logs. A lot of people are pointing their fingers at
Northern California. Even Canada's Vancouver Island has been mentioned.
Will this Canadian go north to build his radical raft? Will a monster log
float up on the beach at Waldport? Will the eyes of those who read about our
search in the local paper call up?
Stay tuned for the next installment of Ed's Log. Brought to you by
Perseverance, and determination.
Take care

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Ed's log Sept 29th 99
Coos bay, Bandon Oregon.

We have spent the last week attacking the media for
a location. Within the next few weeks we will have eyes up and down the coast helping us find a site for our project. There are so many possibilities for
building. June and I feel that presentation through newspapers and radio will be a strong ally.
This morning during an interview with a Coos bay newspaper the reporter asked, "Are you getting negative reactions from the people you talk to, do
people think what your doing is crazy?" I thought for a moment and realized there has been nothing negative towards our proposed project. June summed it up best by saying that "there has been a growing momentum around what we are doing
and represent. Us looking for a location to build a dream."
With the media I am confident that the location will be found more quickly.
June will be leaving us this week to return to England for a few weeks. She is sad to be leaving before the site is found and has really found this
adventure to date to be everything and more then she had hoped. She looks
forward to seeing her family and returning to the adventure.
June is in charge of publicity here and has done a great job organising the
press. This will be a big job down the road. Her efforts here will be missed.
Especially that great pasta sauce. I will just have to break out the beans!
until next week

The vibration you create is the vibration you will receive.

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Newport Oregon. sept 22 99
June and I have returned from the Olympic Penninsula in washington. We found
the logs to build the trimaran but they are on National wildlife refuge land and
cannot be removed. This was a good sign that the logs we want are out there and
it's just a matter of finding the right place. speaking of place The port of
Newport was not able to accomodate our project but indicated a number of private
individuals who may be able to help us out.
We have focused on the location and logs from the outset of the project. We
must maintain this focus approaching both private and commerial interests until
we find what we want. We both remain positive in our search, taking time out to
live a seven leveled life. The point is not to get lost in this one aspect of
life 'raft building' but to intergrate it into the greater picture of our life.
Since the airing of the Fantastic voyage on National Geographic Explorer we
have had more interest coming from people who see the signs on the side of our
vehical. It's also been easier to tell people what we are doing. A person will
say 'Oh yes I've heard something about that.'
All's going well. We are attacking the next problem.

P.S. Ed, June and the project will be going by the name 'The Buoyant
Neutrinos'. Still in and around everything....
Take Care

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Newport Oregon Sept 14/99
June and I have arrived in the northwest and are actively pursuing a location
to build the trimaran raft. Yesterday we had a meeting with a private land owner
who pointed us in the direction of the port of Newport. Today we had a really
positive meeting with the general manager of the port and await his response.
Meanwhile we are going to travel north to Washington state in search of three
enormous logs for the construction of the hull - one 75' foot log 7 to 8' in
diameter and two 50' logs 5'in diameter.
Even though June and I have been living in a small space for the last 4 weeks
since leaving New York City we are still good friends and have the greatest
Til next time
If I can't do it alone I must find someone to help me.

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26 August 99  Princeton, Illinois

We've been 5 days on the road crossing America - have put floatingneutrino signs on the camper to let people know of our progress to the Northwest. Will be doing lectures in libraries along the way. Interest has been high in the library system. The project is going ahead with determination. Still looking for people interested in the adventure, resources and location.

Take care, Ed and June

To make a dream come true the dream must be acted upon.

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August 12, 1999

Ed and June flew from London to New York City today, and are gathering equipment before heading west.

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August 2, 1999,  La Caunette, France

An interview with Ed:

Why are you planning this project?

"This is the number one thing that I want to do in my life before I die.

"I will be creating an adventure - to sail a a 75' (26 meters) trimaran log raft around the world. I am inviting all those interested in this great undertaking to participate.   Like the Son of Town Hall, this raft also will be using salvaged scrap and the logs thrown up by the sea. Help is needed for this undertaking - People, tools, tents (for the participants) food, etc."

What will your raft be named?

"Absolute Absolution"

That's a very interesting name. How did you come up with that?

" What I want in my life is total forgiveness, being able to forgive others for whatever it is that they do  or have done against me, or anyone else. To be free from the entrapments of anger, holding grudges, living in old vendettas or resentments. Absolute Absolution allows me to live totally in the present moment.  I want to learn to give without asking for a reward. To make this kind of a change, I must remind myself daily of what it  is I am trying to become. Therefore I have chosen to name the raft Absolute Absolution."

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