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Plans of the Son of Town Hall sailing raft

plan[1].jpg (120216 bytes) This view shows the construction of the frames of the Son of Town Hall, and the placement of the logs and foam within the hull.

More detail about the building of the frames

Below you see the view of the frames and logs from the side, as well as placement of the leeboards and daggerboard.

plan[1].jpg (120216 bytes)
Below you see the view from the top, showing first the hull, with the placement of the foam and logs, and then, below that drawing, the internal layout for the crossing.

If you are looking for information about building a raft for a race, click here.

If you are working on or contemplating building a raft for living or travelling, please check the following pages: How to Build a Raft; Construction of the Sailing Raft Son of Town Hall; Construction of the Vilma B for the Mississippi River trip; Reconstruction of the Vilma B for coastal travel We are always interested in corresponding with people who are working toward living or traveling on rafts; if you have additional questions, please write to email

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