Raft Racers - please read this before you write asking for information

The Floating Neutrinos have been building, living on, and traveling on rafts for over 25 years. We have considerable information about what works and what doesn't work. We are dedicated to recycling and have built all of our rafts primarily, and in many cases, totally, from scrap and discarded materials. A "raft" is any vessel that floats due to the very nature of the materials from which it is made and is not dependent upon watertight integrity. This floatation takes care of one point on the triad of what makes a vessel: Float, Go, and Stop. How these three points are satisfied can be as varied as the imagination is capable of conceiving. Many of the principles of raft building apply to every situation of rafting; on the other hand, there are specific differences in what works best, depending on the intended use of the raft. We design and build each raft specifically for its intended purpose and travel venue. Before you write to us asking for plans or information,  please read How to Build a Raft, which gives general information about raft building and covers the basic principles involved, and Construction of the Vilma B for river travel , which shows one specific example of how the principles were applied. Armed with this information and your own imagination and ingenuity, within the confines of whatever restrictions are put on you by the race rules, what you have available to you in terms of materials, labor and time, and the realities of the race location, you should be able to creatively meet the challenge of the raft race event.

If, after reading the above pages, you have specific questions, you may write us at the address below, making sure to include the following information:
Where the race is to take place (river, lake, coastal, etc.)
Specific race restrictions, if any, concerning raft materials, design, propulsion, etc.
What your raft plan or idea is so far
and What your specific questions are
We will do our best to provide information to assist you with your project. Please be aware that due to the fact that we are in almost constant movement, we do not check e-mail every day, and there may be a delay in responding to your request [email protected]

If you feel the information on this site, and/or that received from us through e-mail correspondence, has been helpful to you, please feel free to make a donation of any amount, from $1 to $5, or more, to help us with our raft construction projects and travels.

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