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Personal Statements About the Neutrino Ideas

January 1999 - anonymous

A young girl who was trying the reprogramming tool for a 30 day "experiment" period, wrote in a letter:

"The 30 day thing is still going. I write down my numbers and my three things every night, but I don't know what I'm looking for or what else I should be writing? Is something in my life supposed to be changing? Let me know if I'm missing something."

Later in the same letter she wrote the following, which I quoted back to her in reply to her own question.

"I'm finding myself doing more of the things I used to only wish I was doing (tiny things like going for walks or writing in my journals, or scrap-booking, or talking to people I'm intimidated by). Even though they are small things, they add up to make me feel better about myself."

These observations of her actions and feelings are evidence that her unconscious mind has begun  feeding her slightly differently than before, because of her own feedback to herself about her deepest desires and  her 7 levels, and as a result, her behavior and feelings are changing as well. So subtle it almost went right by unnoticed, until I repeated back to her, her own comments on how she was doing. As time goes on, the reprogramming tool gives more and more noticeable feelings of empowerment and change in your life.

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April 30, 2000 - Tekoa Predika

"I am doing that reprogramming thing; it is working very well for me. I'm starting to be disgusted by my smoking and I have more confidence and energy. I like it. Thank you guys, once again, you have helped me very much in my life's journey."

Update on August 18th:

"I am continuing to practice my reprogramming; I've sort of fallen off it a bit but I still return to it to get my self back on track... so I just have to keep on with it. Thank you again,  I'm telling as many people as I can about you guys."

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August 4, 2000

The following letter was received from a young friend who has been familiar with the Neutrino ideas for about seven years:

"I strive all the time to ensure that all seven levels are well and good. Of course I still have my issues with overworking, but I
am dealing with that slowly.

"On that topic, I had a great conversation with one of my best friends the other day, and something she said just made my day. She said that around me she felt compelled to better herself and be more conscious of her life and the decisions in it. What really got me was that she looked on me as a teacher, and try as she might, she cannot forget or stop trying to examine herself and her life in regards to the seven levels as well as triads. She is hooked on triads.

"I thought I would share that with you because much of where I am and who I am can be attributed to my interaction with you. I take all the credit for my own life and my decisions, but I think almost daily how the information you passed onto me allowed me to make some important decisions that support and strengthen me continuously.

"I hope you are healthy and happy, and enjoying your trip down the 'big river.'"

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September 9, 2000 - Pat Kelley

"I check my 7 levels and review the three things I would "do" every day now, but this was not always the case. When I first began to check in with my 7 levels, I was below 5 on all but the 6th, the higher emotional. I would check in with myself sporadically, remembering to do so perhaps 2 -3 times a week. I have lazy mental habits and have paid a considerable price for this through my life. When I was introduced to your teaching of checking in with my levels and determining the 3 things I would do if I could only do one, then another, then a third, I was able to see the value of being intentional and non-judgmental in my evaluations. But, as I said, and as you know, I am mentally lazy. I tend to "choose" to drift mentally, and find myself in an unclear muck much of the time.

"Well, I want to tell you that even though I was sporadic with these exercises, I began to notice changes. My intellect began to sharpen...just a little, but noticeably. I found I was drawn to and able to understand readings and concepts that I had not previously had interest in. Though my retention is not yet great, it too has improved. My abilities to use and gain value from triadic thinking had become an easier path for me. My emotional level calmed and I felt considerably more balanced almost all the time. My sexual energies began to open and flow. As this center has been shut tight for  many years as I raised my daughter [Pat is a single mom whose daughter just recently turned 18] and worked every minute that I wasn't sleeping, this was quite noticeable to me. I am quite certain that even my imitative level has improved through these simple observations. As my thinking is a bit clearer, I find that my imitative abilities are clearer or sharper as well. In fact, all of my levels rose to at least a 5 and have not fallen below that since I started observing. All of this was noticed through a period when I was checking in only sporadically! As the significance and ease of these changes became noticeable to me, I started checking in every day! (I may be a bit lazy but I'm not stupid!(smile)) The usefulness of these simple exercises is very exciting and life changing.

"When I first began to ask myself what I would do if I could do only one thing, I found that I hadn't a clue. It was quite striking to me to realize that not only was I unable to change my life, I didn't even know what I would change. For a while I would  come up with murky answers, some of which were trying to please others and some of which were only hints or flashes of the deeper truths I came to as I continued to ask myself these questions. I even became angry when others would ask me, as I just didn't know, and I didn't know how to come to the answers. I didn't really work hard to get to my truth. I would just write what I would do, to the best of my ability in that particular moment. Then, several days later I would write my desires all over again. Through time and without great effort I began to get closer and closer to my deeper truths. The last time I wrote down my desires, I knew that I was so very close to re-discovering mySelf.  I feel so blessed now to know what I would do if I could only do one thing. It has given me a glimpse of what freedom must feel like. The awareness of having the power, the ability and even the RIGHT to determine what I want to do, what I  WANT, not what I think I SHOULD do, has changed my life.

These teachings began to change me inside and have since helped me to create external changes in my life. I have reduced my physical belongings to about 10% of what they were. I am working on reducing my "stuff" to only treasures and needed items that will fit in my car. I am leaving my job and am venturing out on a quest for clarity, freedom and understanding. I am bundling up any residual fears and adding them to the pile of things I have let go of. I go in faith and with an awareness that as long as I can THINK I can choose whatever direction I like. Whatever direction I choose from now on will be toward fulfillment of my three greatest desires. I, in making those choices, will be growing ever closer to being a 10 on all levels.

"This is what I have gained in less than one year of using these simple brilliant work tools. I believe that now, with the person I am becoming with these tools in hand, and my unshakable belief that there is a Divine Plan that is unfolding for humanity, I can be of greater use and service. Thank you."

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If you have a personal statement or experience to share about your use of the Neutrino ideas, please write to [email protected]

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