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Town Hall

The raft Town Hall in snow in New York City

The raft Town Hall at Pier 25 in New York City

Built between 1988-90 in Provincetown, MA, from a condemned barge, discarded floating docks, and driftwood from the beach, the Town Hall was powered by a set of paddlewheels driven by the recycled generator motor from Provincetown's Town Hall, hence the raft's name.  It served as the travelling home and stage for the Flying Neutrinos Family Band, as they travelled from Massachusetts to New York City, arriving in August 1991.

Here it remained anchored at Pier 25 in the Hudson River in Manhattan, within sight of the World Trade Towers,  the home base for all the Neutrinos. It was also here that the Son of Town Hall was built, incorporating  pieces from the Town Hall for continuity. After the Son of Town Hall left New York in 1995, the Town Hall continued to serve as rehearsal, relaxation and living space for the younger generation of Neutrinos, and other artists and musicians.

On May 8, 2000, it was destroyed at the hands of the Hudson River Park Trust.  Click here to find out what happened.

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