Poppa Neutrino, 1933 - 2011

Poppa Neutrino
Photo © Chris Bell, used by permission


Comments and stories about Poppa were posted on a blog after his death. That blog has since been taken down. We intend to post the archived files here soon.

Photo Gallery:

Jazz Funeral, New Orleans, showing the building of the funeral raft, the parade, the launching of the raft, and the viking funeral

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  • SB: Sarkis Bahar
  • DB: Darshana Bolt
  • DC: Darin Cassler
  • DD: Donna Doncaster
  • RD: Rodger Doncaster
  • DM: Dwight Marshall
  • PS: Phinneus Sonin
  • KHT: © Kimberley Hannaman-Taylor
  • JT: Jan Theunissen

Arelys and Libertad
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