In 2003, Poppa Neutrino and a bunch of Floating Neutrinos sailed to Cuba on the raft Absolute Absolutionraft Absolute Absolution under sail. While filming in the streets of Havana, Poppa met a woman begging with her young daughter. LibertadShe was in Havana trading housecleaning services for medical treatment she needed for a serious, chronic condition. In Cuba at the time, ration cards were issued to each person for (very basic) food supplies, but they could only be redeemed in your officially registered town of residence. So this woman and her child could not obtain food except by begging. After watching her cross the street to buy spaghetti and sauce with money he gave her, Poppa struck up a conversation with her, and was so impressed with her presentation and how she was interacting with her daughter that he arranged to meet her several times during our stay in Cuba, and invited her to visit us at the raft. Unfortunately, she was turned back at the gates of the marina by the Cuban guards and did not get to see the raft. (Ordinary Cubans are prohibited from boarding foreign vessels even while at the dock.) By the time we left Cuba, Poppa had pretty much adopted this single mother, Arelys, and her daughter, Libertad My Love, and upon returning to the states, he began sending them money every month from his (very small) social security. (The girl's dad had died in an attempt to reach the states.)

Arelys and LibertadOne of Poppa's concerns, as he thought about his impending departure from earth, was whether we would be able to keep helping Arelys and Libertad. I promised him I would do my very best to raise the funds to keep the small stipend going until Libertad finished school. It has now been nearly 5 years since Poppa died, and we have kept the funding going non-stop. We are now at a point where donations have dropped drastically. Please help by using one of the buttons below.

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UPDATES: March 2012: It seems that Libertad has now had some serious health issues as well as Arelys having ongoing problems. Last month I sent a package with multivitamins for both of them; Arelys has expressed many times that the vitamins with iron are "life saving". They continue to express deep gratitude for our help in each email.

March 2014: Libertad was hospitalized with kidney stones, which were removed by laser treatment. Her recovery was slow, but seemed complete.

June 2015: Arelys continues in fragile health, and makes frequent trips to Havana for treatments. I received two photos of Libertad, who seems quite grown up. She still dances, and hopes to have a career as a dancer; she's also studying for EMS certification.

Our DEEPEST THANKS to all who have contributed, especially those who have done so repeatedly.


Arelys at the government internet portal where she emails us.

Libertad is a talented dancer.


Libertad in school

Libertad is an excellent student who takes her studies seriously.


FMI about our Cuban trip: read the log of the Cuba trip / see photos from that trip