The Flying Neutrinos

Ingrid Lucia, leader and vocalist of The Flying Neutrinos, and Todd Londagin, tap dancing trombonist, are Neutrino kids, and grew up on rafts; they even helped build several of the rafts.  They were part of the Flying Neutrinos Family Band as children, and have since become quite successful on their own. Their first album, "I'd Rather Be in New Orleans," was produced by Poppa Neutrino.  For more about The Flying Neutrinos, including music samples, please go to their website: 

You can mail order this album for $17, including postage, by sending your check or money order to:
Flying Neutrinos
P.O. Box 791072
New Orleans, La. 70179-1072
Please include the proper mailing address in your order!

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"The Hotel Child," featuring the song "Mr. Zoot Suit", as seen in the movie Blast from the Past, is available at record stores.

 For additional albums, please go to www.Ingrid and www.Todd

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