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We have constructed a lavender castle which currently floats in Richardson Bay (a part of San Fransisco Bay). We call it La-La-Land. We are using it not only as a living space but as an interactive art space. The castle is in a constant state of construction, deconstruction, reconstruction, and embelishment.

Our overall mission is to facilitate friends and strangers in the pursuit of freedom. Whether that means providing them with rent free living space, a means of making a living, an artistic venue, communication tools, adventure, meditation space, a sounding board, friendship, or plain old inspiration. We are seeking this same freedom for ourselves. To these ends we invite mid-to-longterm guests to use our spare bunk (soon to be spare Private Cabin) as a retreat from the unnatural pressures of modern life.

We also have frequent dinner parties, music parties, and work parties for those who want to play in a floating lavender castle but maybe not live on one.

We provide food for our guests and we support ourselves by busking (street performance) and salvaging. Several guests have participated in our performances while others have contributed different efforts.

If you are interested in being a guest or visitor on La-La-Land please email Shawn

We will be adding more information to this page as we go along. please write with any questions or ideas.

Shawn Grady
Department of Treasure


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Long view with rich neighbors in background

front view

rear view

Nick lounging

Shawn reading in main cabin

San Francisco from the deck at sunset

Our skiff named Princess
Nick and Shawn have moved on to other adventures


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