Finding Your 10's

This series of pages will help you determine your personal best-ever, or "10" in each of your seven levels. Do not use any ideal or theoretical experiences as your 10 - nothing you've read about or hoped for, only what you personally have actually experienced. From time to time you will have experiences that go beyond your "10" to date, creating a new "10," which may seem the equivalent of a "15" or even "20" compared to your old "10." This new experience then becomes your new personal best, your new "10" for daily comparison when rating this particular level.

Each level will be described to help you think about and locate your best-ever experience in that level. Then you will write down either your age or a brief description of the time/place/circumstances of these "10" experiences.

If a particular level doesn't seem totally clear to you after reading the descriptions, try to give an evaluation anyway, with the best understanding you have at present; you can always redefine your "10" later, as you come to understand more about the various levels.

1. Instinctive Level - This is the level of physical nurturing, physical health and physical well-being. Think about when in your life you have felt the very best about your physical health and your physical environment, and your ability to get what you need for yourself in this area of your life. Try to disregard society's input into what is right or correct, such as images you've seen in magazines or on TV of what society considers to be a "10." Instead, use your own evaluation process, thinking of what you consider healthy for you, what gives you a sense of physical well-being, and when was your best time ever so far in your life in regards to this area. Write down here either your age at that time, or a short description of time/place that will remind you of the time period you pick as your personal best, your "10" for this level.




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