Second Level for Finding your "10's"

Sexual Level –The sexual level comprises not only the sexual interactions you have with others (or with yourself), and your relationship to yourself as a procreative being, where you are in terms of that possibility (or actuality) and how you feel about it, etc.; but also your feelings about your ability to manifest or "give birth to" your own creative urges and impulses, how stifled or how expressed they are; also your ability to "rebirth" your inner self over time, to redefine and reconfigure yourself for greater and deeper self-fulfillment. Think of a time in your life when this level, as a whole, has been most fulfilled, healthy and satisfied, in your opinion. As with the instinctive level, try to disregard society's input into what is right or correct; use your own evaluation process, based on what's best for you. Write down your age at that time or a short description of the situation and circumstances. This will describe your "10" in the second level.






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