Level 7

Higher Intellectual Level – This level is where we experience a sense of life's purpose, meaning, and the grand order behind it all. Mystics may tune into the 6th and 7th levels and be seeing life at every moment from a broader and deeper perspective than we can even imagine. But even non-mystics can have flashes that come from this level. You may get a glimpse of your own personal life's purpose or a feeling of an obligation toward the greater scheme of things. Or you may have a flash of insight into a bigger picture, one that encompasses more than just your own life, more than mere physical existence. If you are aware of such moments, pick your best to date, and write down something about it here to use as your 10. As with the spiritual level, if this is an area you feel you have not yet experienced, just try to leave open a space inside, that you may experience something in the future.