Level 5

Intellectual Level – This level involves a type of thinking that most people never learn how to do, very different from the thinking which comes from the imitative level - planning and organizing, or the filing, categorizing and rearranging of facts. It works through the triad of Describe, Compare and Evaluate. When you start using those three processes to think about any subject, your thinking develops and expands and becomes totally different from "ordinary" thinking. This is a level which does not occur spontaneously; it requires being taught or mentored, and practicing to develop it. Since many people are never exposed to this type of thinking, you may not feel able to rate this level at first. Read the page on this triad, and think about how much you have been exposed to this type of thinking so far in your life. Remember that no one thinks this way automatically; it must be taught or mentored. If you have some background with this already, then you can name your best period to date in using this type of thought. If not, then start practicing using this triad to think about issues of importance to you, as explained in the page on this triad, and rate how well you are doing. Your first effort automatically becomes your 10, and then you rate your improvement against that. As you practice and improve, you will be creating new 10's. If you have no experiences in this level as of yet, leave this space blank until you have tried this kind of thinking for yourself.




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