Concrete-Abstract & Random-Sequential



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      These two axes of opposite poles create four quadrants which represent four different personality types: Abstract-Random; Abstract-Sequential; Concrete-Random; and Concrete-Sequential.  Abstract has to do with thoughts and ideas; concrete has to do with objects and things. The sequential approach has to do with ordering and organizing, also carrying out a process or project involving many steps over a period of time. The random approach is more in-the-moment and subject to change, taking more of an event-by-event view, rather than process orientation. These various personality types naturally have radically different views of the same situation and radically different approaches to getting things done. What a concrete-sequential may consider enjoyable and rewarding, to an abstract-random could feel like a prison sentence. In relationships, we often tend to be attracted to an opposite type, and then unconsciously later begin to resent their different approach to life and try to change them. These types effect many many different parts of our view of life, from how we deal with money and possessions, to what kind of work we are capable of doing well, to what kind of lifestyle we would find appealing, etc. If you can locate your own position among these four quadrants, as well as that of your close relatives, mates, associates, and so on, much conflict can be resolved simply by seeing and understanding the differences in life view and approach inherent in the four types. Through effort, you can learn to utilize the three positions not natural to you, in order to make use of them when it is useful in various situations. But it is not possible to change your basic orientation, and you will always feel most comfortable and fulfilled when your own type is allowed its natural expression.



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