Buoyant Neutrinos  Photo Gallery Page Six:
Continuing construction of the Bridge Deck

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Here is the exterior of June's new cabin in the rear port section, showing the roof hatch. You can also see the wall of the rear center cabin to the left of the picture. (roof hatch on june's cabin)


rear with wall.jpg (118595 bytes)

We took the skiff out on the water to get a bigger view of the Absolute Absolution. Here you can see the rear of the bridge deck with the starboard hull on the right.

side view from afar.jpg (118839 bytes)

The full view of the Absolute Absolution - all 50 ft of her!

wpe96588.gif (236239 bytes)

This is Ed's favorite shot showing the mid section of the starboard hull. Notice one of the little windows of Ed's cabin, the housings for the daggerboards and hardened drips of foam from the foaming process in the hull.(ed's fave)

wpe16819.gif (283405 bytes)

A view of the starboard hull looking from forward to aft. (view looking back)


wpe85865.gif (267506 bytes)

Here is Ed placing fiberglass matting on a seam at the base of the roof of cabin number 4. You can also see the daggerboard housings which are in each of the cabins in the mid-section.(ed fiberglassing near daggerboards)

wpe34630.gif (281499 bytes) Ed applies resin to the fiberglass matting strips to seal the seams of the cabin roof.(ed applies resin)    



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